Parents association with Happy Minds International.

Parents involvement in HMI classrooms

It is well said that home is the first school and parents are the first teachers. Parents play a vital role in laying a strong foundation to build their children’s personalities. It is amazing to see how dedicatedly and thoughtfully parents work hard to design simple, yet interesting activities for their kids. And what could be better than bringing this bunch of fun and educational ideas into the classroom so as to benefit not one or two, but many more kids. Parents’ volunteering in the classroom has a number of benefits. When parents get involved in their preschooler’s classroom, communication naturally improves between parents and teacher, as well as with other parents. Exchanging different viewpoints makes it easier to assess the needs of the child.  Conducting an activity in a class gives a wider perspective and approach to engage different kids with different intelligence and temperament.  Volunteering makes your child’s settling easier in the school as home and school lives become linked and the child feels at ease to express self both at home and at school.

Happy Minds International practices parents’ volunteering on a regular basis. Recently, it was executed on the occasion of International Literacy Week celebrated from 8th to 12th September in HMI’s Powai and Bhandup centers.  It was a fresh twist to the daily classroom activities. Kids were enthralled to see new and zealous faces in their premises. For the parents, too, this was a unique and exciting time. There was a series of creativity and energy flowing in the form of variety of activities.  The storytelling and dramatization swayed away the kids into the world of characters and mystery. It was amazing to see the small eyes growing narrow and wide with the illusion created by the lovely stories and brilliant dramatization.  The non-fire cooking session was a treat not only for the taste buds but for the eyes too. Kids relished making and tasting every bit of the smiley sandwiches and banana lollypops. Parents also conducted the colourful art and craft sessions – be it the painting done with different vegetables or making the bookmarks.

All in all, it is a great camaraderie seen between the kids and the parents during such sessions.  While for the kids it is fun to do new activities with new teachers; the parents are equally happy and content to experience the school environment. Here is what some of the volunteer parents have to say about their experience –

It felt so nice to be amongst these tiny tots, see their innocent faces with mixed reactions, sitting obediently, enjoying their time with teachers and friends…..far away from home yet comfortable and happy in their own little world.” – Tianna’s mom

“Thanks for the opportunity. Had a wonderful time with kids.” – Namish’s Mom

“The kids were just so brilliant in their responses and also made their own sandwiches ,which was amazing. Thank you for such a wonderful initiative.” – Ziaa’s Mom