Age: 4 months to 22 months
Duration: 1 year, 6 days a week
FacilitatorChild ratio: 1:2

A baby’s needs are significantly different from those of older children. Every baby has his or her own schedule – specific nap times, meal times and play times which need to be respected. The HMI Infant Care program has been designed keeping this in mind.

We boast the highest caregiver to infant ratio across the industry, in both India and abroad – we have one caregiver for ever two infants. Each baby has his or her personal crib and personal teething, security and transition toys. At no time is baby ever left unattended – there is a separate cleaning staff so that the caregiver can give her undivided attention to baby at all times. And there are pediatricians on call at each of the centres at all times.

As the child starts exploring the world around them, the caregiver gently guides her development, teaching her to speak, using age-appropriate learning toys such as stackers and blocks to hone her motor skills, and providing a loving, nurturing environment that is guaranteed to help her cross her milestones.


  1. Play way learning – Involves planned play time in a stimulating environment, allowing exploration, experimentation, and problem solving.
  2. Language & Numeracy Skills – Involves increased vocabulary, phonological awareness, letters and words, number concepts, patterns, measurement.
  3. Fine and Gross Motor Development – Involves movement for large and small muscles, encouraging body awareness, coordination, spatial sense, and flexibility.
  4. Parallel Play: Involves parallel play activities with other kids leading to interaction, socialization, and self-awareness.
  5. Music and Art – Involves rhythm, action, reinforcement of color, size, shape.