Happy Minds International is an acclaimed preschool and day care designed using the highest international standards, to meet the needs of parents who seek nothing but the best for their little one. At Happy Minds International, we believe that high quality early childhood care and education is fundamental to leading personally fulfilling, successful and rewarding lives. Every child at HMI receives nothing but the best – the best education, the best diet, the best care.

The idea for HMI germinated when our founder Sonia Chugh, a working mom herself, was researching playschools for her own daughter. Having searched long and hard, nothing she found met her exacting standards. It was then that she conceived the idea for Happy Minds International, a playschool and day care that gave the best of care to young children.

Today, Happy Minds International is proud to be the only day care in Mumbai that takes in infants as young as four months and gives them the loving nurturing that they need. Babies are taught to take their first steps. Toddlers are introducing to the joys of learning – words, colours, shapes, dance and music, physical exercise and much much more, using the Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Preschoolers learn from the most advanced curriculum – the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Our Mission Statement

“We aim to provide exceptional early childhood care and education, helping the children achieve their full potential while empowering parents to focus on their careers free from guilt or anxiety.”

In every child lie the seeds of greatness. Every child has limitless potential – it is the educator who must dig deep to discover the hidden genius within him or her. Our vision is to discover what’s best in your child – their passions, their strengths, all of which can help them forge their own identity and discover their own vocations.

We encourage our kids to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners and socially responsible members of society, through an activity based program with a wide range of open ended experiences. These experiences encourage the children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively to become lifelong learners.

Our Vision

“To be the gold standard in early childhood care and education through continuous improvements and innovations in providing a safe, nurturing and engaging learning environment for young children.”

Childcare is no child’s play! We all know that the world is changing day by day, and no parent or educator can lay claim to knowing exactly what the future holds. Preparing this generation (and future generations!) of children to meet the challenges of tomorrow can seem like a Herculean task, but it is this very challenge that excites us and motivates us.

In this evolving world, we plan to be way ahead of the curve, and we know that to do so, we must strive for excellence at all times. We have already gained a reputation as an institution that has revolutionised the early childhood learning industry in India by adapting the IB method for use with children as young as 18 months, turning them into ‘little enquirers’ who view the world with clear eyes and are not afraid to ask questions and seek answers. We hope to continue our endeavours, learning and growing as an institution, in the company of the best teachers provided by nature – our little ones.