Age: 3.5 years to 4.5 years
Duration: 1 year, 5 days a week
Skills taught: Writing, Reading, Numeracy, ICT, Hindi, Visual Arts, Science, Drama, PE
Facilitator-Student ratio: 1:6

When a child starts Junior Kindergarten, formal education can be said to have started, and the emphasis is on writing, speaking and formal mathematics. We strongly believe that expressing their own thoughts and ideas on paper motivates children to learn more. Our aim is to help each student become an Inquirer; i.e. a person who makes connections, thinks critically, works collaboratively, and develops conceptual understanding. Ultimately, it helps the child derive meaning from the world and decide upon the actions to take.

In Junior K.G., HMI kids start independent writing and Jolly Phonics (for reading). Along with understanding sounds, kids practice writing all alphabets, in both lowercase and capital. A junior kindergartener will also learn his numbers well; 1-50 orally and 1-30 in writing. In addition, they also learn to compare quantities; greater than, less than, etc.

A few new subjects are introduced at this stage: Hindi, ICT, Music, Drama, Dance, Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Science Exploration.