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    Complete Preschool Education delivered from the comfort of your Home



    Join over 10,000 preschoolers who love HMI programs

    What is in HMI@Home?

    Video Sessions



    Transdisciplinary and thematic sessions designed by experts.

    Dedicated Counsellor



    Sessions with teachers and curriculum experts, child psychologists and dedicated counsellor.

    HMI@Home Box



    Box packs in curriculum based worksheets, teaching aids, flash cards, art material, activities, puzzles and much more.


    Parent Teacher Meets and milestone tracking.

    Special Days and Events



    Integrated curriculum with special days and celebrations, games and activities.




    On completion of all the terms, receive Certificate of preschool completion.

    Teaching Methodology

    Play Way And Enquiry Based

    Learning is fun using Play Way Methodology with creative and thoughtfully crafted fun filled activities and games.

    Emphasis on critical thinking and practical learning while aiming to inculcate a spirit of inquiry and research.


    Transdisciplinary and Thematic

    Based on ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligence’ designed by early education experts.

    Delivers strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, gross/fine motor, cognitive and creative skills.

    Awards and Recognitions

    What will the box contain?

    Plans And Pricing


    HMI@Home Program is a comprehensive preschool program which is complete with virtual recorded lessons, counsellor and teacher support, age appropriate learning kit, child assessments, preschool graduation certificate. It combines 9+ years of HMI’s experience with educating thousands of preschoolers. The program ensures that the child learns all that is required at a specific age group to be able to have the same experience as going to an actual preschool.

    We have age specific program for 1.5 years – 3 years olds and 3 years – 4 years olds.

    The kit contains all the material required for the preschool education of the child. It would contain activity sheets, activities, rhymes, stories and other content which will complement the recorded video sessions.

    This is a 40 weeks program divided into four terms of two and half months each.

    HMI@Home batches start every two weeks and you can enroll for upcoming batch. Also you have the flexibility of joining an already running batch, if seats are available.

    If you are not happy with the the program, you can request for a refund at any point in time, before the next term’s kit is shipped out. We will refund the money for the remaining terms.

    We have batches with live sessions for Playgroup, Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG, and Activity Club. Please contact HMI at +91 9920402940 / for more details on it.

    Yes, HMI@Home program is completely compatible with our physical preschool program. You can always transfer your child to physical classroom at the nearest HMI branch. The price difference between the two programs for the remaining terms would need to be paid.