Happy Minds International is back with its Season-12 Summer Camp 2023!

Summer should be a time for exploration, discovery, and fun, and we have combined the best of education and entertainment for your child.

Your child is invited to our Kids Camp for a fun and educational summer. We have planned creative activities, games, science, language development programs, and a camp party for a memorable experience. Our experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring every child has a fantastic time while learning and developing new skills.

The camp is scheduled from 17th April 2023 till 28th April 2023 and from 2nd May 2023 to 26th May 2023.

Complimentary yummy snacks would be provided. Detailed updates, participation certificate, and newsletter would be provided!

Batch start time: 9:00 AM & 11:40 AM

Age: 2-10 years (Batches are divided as per age group)

Ph No: 9920402940 Email: info@thehappyminds.com