Age: 2 years to 6 years
Facilitator – Child ratio: 1:4 till 3 years & 1:5 for children 3 years old and older
Duration: 6 days a week

Quality day care means different things to different people. Some parents want their child to feel at home, make friends, and eat healthy food while also getting adequate rest. Others are concerned about how a child achieves school readiness in terms of learning the basics of reading and writing. At HMI, we strive to combine the best of both worlds in order to give children a warm and home-like environment while also stimulating their intellect and physical abilities.

Parents can opt for a variety of time slots as per their convenience. Our Full Day structured timetable is meant to expose children to a variety of extra-curricular activities – Zumba, Karate, music, arts and crafts, French, Drama and more along with Literacy, Numeracy and homework Cafe.

All meals – breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner – are taken care of at HMI. Our in-house chef prepares fresh, healthy food using the best of ingredients. (For more details on nutrition at HMI, please check the FAQ section here.)

All in all, you can rest assured that at HMI, your child will find a home away from home.