Our employees – teachers, facilitators and staff – are the backbone of our organisation. They are our family. We pride ourselves on the close bonds that we share at the workplace, which lead to a wholesome, happy working environment for one and all.

At HMI, we offer a number of benefits. Some of these are: Paid Time Off, Child Care Discounts, Training, Bonuses, Rewards & Recognition programs, picnics, outings and much more. We make it a point to offer job rotation and internal job posting.

We take particular pride in supporting our employees as they further their professional development. Besides offering, at regular intervals, refresher training to keep abreast of developments in the area of early learning as well as career development training, we provide assistance and facilitation for Certification Programs in teacher training, early learning, child care methods and pedagogy.

And it’s not just all work and no play at HMI; we are determined to have fun too! We have birthday celebrations for every employee. There are Teachers of the Month and Didis of the Month. We celebrate festivals, seasons, events – at HMI, you’ll find joy and excitement at any time.

If you’re looking for a career in early childhood care, HMI is a great place to start. HMI welcomes individuals from different backgrounds – graduates with early child care degrees, individuals with a professional degree and others who are interested in making a career in early child care arena and are looking for the right opportunity. We offer both full time as well as part time opportunities.

Those interested may send their details to contact@thehappyminds.com