Security is every parent’s first concern, and we respect that. At each of our centres, we have the following security measures:

  • Stringent background checks for all employees: Every employee at HMI, whether it is a teacher, supervisor, childcare attendant or housekeeping person, is thoroughly vetted by us. We personally check their proof of identity and proof of residence. Housekeeping staff and caregivers are registered at the local police station.
  • Card entry for employees: Only employees of HMI can enter the premises, and a record is kept of employees who are currently at the workplace.
  • ID cards for parents: Every family is issued an identity card with details of their child. It is our policy to hand over the child ONLY to parents; in special cases, if the parent has requested that someone else pick up the child from the centre, we take written permission as well as contact the parent at the time of handing over the child.
  • CCTV cameras: Every room has at least one camera, and the live feed is monitored by our supervisor at all times.
  • Fire Agency training: We have regular training sessions that are conducted by the local fire authorities. Our fire extinguishers are inspected every 6 months by the Fire Edge.

HMI’s safety features are guaranteed to put all your worries to rest. Here are some of them:

  • Highest attendant to child ratio across the industry: Our attendant to child ratios are higher than the standards prescribed by accredited bodies such as the NAEYC. For infants, it is an unheard-of 1:2 ratio, while it is 1:5 for kids 3 years old and older.
  • Child-safe toys and educational aids: The toys and aids at our centre are sourced from well-known superior quality brands. We take great care to ensure that there are no small parts or harmful paints on them. For infants, teething, security and transitional toys are personal, and do not get shared from child to child.
  • We have paediatricians on call at all times. At the slightest indication that a child might be feeling under the weather, the parents are immediately informed and the child is seen by one of our doctors.

Every parent dropping off their little one at school or day care experiences a twinge of anxiety as they watch their child walk into an environment away from them. Will they be all right? Will they eat enough? What if they fall and hurt themselves? Are they learning enough?

At HMI, ‘complete transparency’ is our watchword. Parents are offered the following:

  • Real-time CCTV coverage which you can use to observe your child at any time any where, from your mobile phone.
  • You can come into our centre and observe your child interacting in the classroom or day care, via our CCTVs.
  • You can call our centre any time you want, to enquire about the well-being of your child.
  • Live updates are given to parents through app based technology.
  • A daily report is given to every parent at the end of the day. The report contains the following information: body temperature, meals, nap, activity details, and medication details and special notes, if any.
  • Mothers of young infants are offered a private room if they wish to breastfeed their child.
  • All queries and concerns receive an immediate response.

Quality hygiene is of paramount importance. Here are some of the measures we take to keep our centres sparkling clean and germ-free:

  • Constant hand-washing and personal cleanliness: All children at our centre, as well as their caregivers, are taught the importance of hand-washing regularly. The caregivers wear caps and aprons at all times.
  • Water Purifiers: We have installed Aquaguard water purifiers at all our centres, and only purified water is used for drinking and food preparation.
  • Toys: Toys handled by younger children are washed after every single use. Teething, security and transitional toys for infants are not shared between children; they are personal to each child.
  • Personal bedsheets: Again, for infants, we change sheets (provided by parents) every 1 or 2 days.
  • Clean bathrooms: Our bathrooms are constantly being washed by the dedicated housekeeping staff.
  • Weekly cleaning: Apart from the daily sweeping and swabbing, on weekends we give the entire centre a thorough cleaning, which includes every item including mattresses, furniture, play area toys such as swings, slides and bikes receiving a complete wash down.

To ensure that your child gets delicious and nutritious meals every day, we have a dedicated chef at each centre, and we prepare the food in-house. No outside food is permitted except home-cooked food that is sent by a parent for their child.

  • Healthy ingredients: We use organic dals and wheat, easy-to-digest kolam rice and fresh fruits and vegetables that are sourced daily from reputable retailers. Our organic milk is sourced from Sarda farms.
  • Balanced meals: For breakfast, we provide items such as sheera, upma or porridge, along with fruits. For lunch, the menu consists of roti, sabzi, rice and dal. Evening snacks can be anything Dosa, Vermicilli, Vegetable Risotto along with Milk and Fruits. Dinner is a light meal consisting of roti, sabzi and fruits.

While our curriculum has been designed by picking elements from the best of international curricula the world over, we also believe in inculcating solid moral values that draw from the best in Indian culture. Showing respect to elders, sharing with others, speaking respectfully, behaving with decorum and good manners, and getting along with everyone around, are just a few of the values that we would like all our children to have. We strive to make sure that the everyday examples they see, their teachers and attendants, behave in a manner which they can emulate.

Please visit us at HMI@Home for more details.