Age:  1 years to 2.5 years
Duration: 45 minutes, 5 days a week
FacilitatorStudent ratio: 1:5

Join HMI’s Parent-Toddler Program to hold your child’s finger and walk alongside as they begin their journey in the world of education.

Our PT program is sociable, informative, and innovative, which guides you with insights into your baby’s progress and inspires you to play together to support healthy development.
These classes are centered around promoting speech and language skills, with greater emphasis on cognitive and motor skills through fun activities. Our well-planned days’ themes allow each child to express themselves, building the confidence and skills they will need for later learning.
The program is also crafted for parents to grow with the baby. Parents learn about different areas of development as they enjoy language play, music, movement, and other activities with their children, building a stronger bond between them.
Join us now and enjoy the precious relationship between you and your child and understand, support, nurture, and prepare your child for pre-school education.