Joy of Giving at Happy Minds International: A Confluence of Preschool Education and Compassion

As Mumbai welcomes the festive month of October 2023, a remarkable blend of early childhood education and heart takes the limelight at Happy Minds International (HMI). Across our well-regarded centers – be it the playgroup in Powai, the nursery in Bhandup, or the kindergartens in Mulund, Raheja Vihar Chandivali, and Nahar Amrit Shakti – a unique celebration harmonizes the thrill of preschool learning with the heartwarming Joy of Giving.

HMI isn’t merely a preschool or a daycare; it’s a beacon of child care excellence designed to meet international standards. Every aspect of child enrichment, from the curriculum to child safety, has been meticulously considered. Each toddler and infant at HMI is immersed in an environment that offers the best education, nutrition, and care.

It all began with our founder, Sonia Chugh’s quest to find the perfect learning environment for her daughter. Unable to find a place that met her standards for both preschool and daycare, she crafted the idea of HMI. Today, we proudly stand as Mumbai’s foremost child care institution, welcoming infants as tender as four months. Here, babies embark on their cognitive development journey, taking their first steps, while toddlers dive into a vibrant world filled with colors, shapes, music, dance, and essential physical activity. Our activity-based learning, inspired by the Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligence, complements the advanced International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for our preschoolers.

Our mission at HMI is resolute: to provide unmatched early childhood education, facilitating the holistic child development of our wards while allowing parents to pursue their careers without any reservations. Each child, be it a toddler or an infant, is a reservoir of potential. We delve deep, recognizing and nurturing their inherent talents and strengths, ensuring emotional growth and cognitive prowess. We mold them to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners, ensuring they grow into socially responsible individuals.

With a clear vision, we strive to revolutionize the early childhood education sector, emphasizing continuous improvement in our learning environment. The rapidly changing global landscape challenges educators and parents alike. Yet, at HMI, we embrace this challenge, having already pioneered the use of the IB method for toddlers in India. These ‘little enquirers’ are trained to be curious, asking questions fearlessly, marking a significant step in their cognitive development.

The Joy of Giving event underlines our dedication not just to academic excellence but also to inculcating invaluable life values. As we navigate the evolving world of preschool and daycare, we are inspired to learn, adapt, and grow, drawing insights from the purest, our cherished children.

Join HMI, where the realms of daycare and preschool education converge, crafting the leaders of tomorrow.