Daycare for Infants at Powai and Bhandup: At Happy Minds International, you can be rest assured.

Nothing can be more gut-wrenching for a new mother, than leaving her baby to be cared for by others when she resumes working. Sonia Chugh understands this. That’s why she started Happy Minds International (or HMI in short), which now boasts the only dedicated infant daycare centres in Mumbai for babies as young as 4 months.

Caring for babies is VERY different from caring for older kids
Sonia designed the Infant centre keeping in mind that babies’ needs are significantly different from those of toddlers and pre-schoolers. For example, every baby has his or her own schedule – specific nap times, meal times and play times which their own body clock and earliest experiences have accustomed them to. It is extremely important to respect this individual schedule in a baby’s earliest months so that he or she can thrive.
To make sure that this individual schedule is strictly adhered to, there is a dedicated caregiver, ‘Didi’ as she is called, for every two babies. Didi is supervised at all times by the teacher in charge of her section. Your child’s teacher and didi know your child’s specific schedule in detail, and make sure that it is maintained exactly as you would wish.
The teacher, who is a qualified professional educator, also makes sure that each of the infants under her care receives the attention and guidance that they need at their particular stage of development. For example, an infant who is just learning to stand will be further motivated by involving her in activities that strengthen her limbs, and will be encouraged verbally and using toys, to learn to balance herself.